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DS: Ba-Tsu ties (designed by Kyo) 
25th-Oct-2008 12:14 pm
I collect Ba-Tsu ties.  I have some weird obsession with Japanese brand ties, and Ba-Tsu has some of the coolest (especially the Kyo designed ones...mmm...Kyo ties...)  I have a horrible time keeping track of exactly which ones I own\, so I keep finding myself with extras once in a while.

I just got a few new ones this past month and noticed a few duplicates as I was putting them away, so up for sale they go.  I hope they find good homes.  I love Ba-Tsu ties and I get a shitload of Ooh's and Aah's when I wear them and I can bet that you will too!  The IT department at work seems to love trying to decipher what the numbers mean, hahahaha...

Shipping (Airmail w/ insurance): $8 within Canada and the USA.  $15 to any other international destinations.  Might be cheaper, I'll refund the difference if I miscalculated.

Payment: Paypal only please. No fee required if you use non-CC paypal (instant transfer, echeck or payment from paypal balance). 4% fee required if you use CC-paypal (funds drawn from a debit card or credit card). No complaining about the fee for CC paypal or I'll just remove it from payment options.

Ba-Tsu Tie #1 designed by Kyo of Dir en Grey  $50

Condition:  Excellent.
Quantity: 3
Comment: Bought multiples either by accident  or cause I misread the description and thought they were different colour variants than what I already own.   This style seems to have the greatest number of different versions, so I always seem to get duplicates of this one.   (I own 5 versions of this tie in different colours w/ 3  versions in black...and I actually got an extra of one of the other version in black as well, but I'm too lazy to take a picture right now.)

Ba-Tsu Tie #2 designed by Kyo of Dir en Grey  $60

Condition: Excellent
Quanitity: 1
Comment: Again, I already own this one (three times over, in red and black w/ 2 versions in black). ^^;;

26th-Oct-2008 01:53 am (UTC)
wow those are awesome!!!
why dont u post those also on the diru livejournal??
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